Show at Hamburger Börs...
I'm happy to tell you that Shirley Clamps' show
"Nästan 20 år på scen om man avrundar uppåt"
is back and this time we will perform it at Hamburger
Börs in october of 2024.
It is a show full of music, laughs and maby some tears.
Book your tickets HERE. I hope to see you there!
Have a GREAT summer!
New song with Shirley Clamp...
I'm happy to tell you that I play the bass on
Shirley Clamps' latest release 'Den var aldrig jag'
written by Shirley, Mikael Landby and the producer
Elin 'Bell' Petersson.
This summer is fully booked doing gigs with the
great band Combo Granberg at different cruise ships
in Sweden. Have a GREAT summer!
Tour with Shirley Clamp...
We´re on tour with Shirley Clamp and the
fantastic show 'Nästan 20 år på scen om man
avrundar uppåt'. If you want to come and see
the show book your tickets HERE.
I am also doing a lot of gigs with the band
Combo Granberg at the brand new cruise ship
Viking Glory. Hope to see you out there!
PlayAlong & StudyAlong...
If you would like to start play the bass
be sure to check out my basic bass course at
www.playalongmusic.com. It works well if you are a
beginner and are in need of guidence. The course is
in SWEDISH and teaches you to tune up, warm up,
play the songs that you love and so much more.
Shirley Clamp at Maximteatern...
I'm happy to tell you that i will be part
of the band in Shirley Clamps' solo show
at Maxim Teatern in Stockholm this autumn.
The show is directed by William Spetz and will
be full of music, laughs and maby some tears.
Get your tickets at maximteatern.com!
Summer 2017 update...
Wow! This year started out great with a lot of fun gigs
with great musicians and great artists. I've had the pleasure
to work with Molly Sanden, Linda Bengtzing, Lili & Susie,
Shirley Clamp, Charlotte Perrelli, Sofia Källgren and
Johan Boding so far. This christmas i will once again
do a show at Glasklart in Malmö. Hope to see you there!
God Jul mitt namn är Shirley Clamp....
This christmas i'm happy to tell you that
i'm part of the 4 piece band that will accompany
Shirley Clamp at her first solo christmas show at
Klockargården in Tällberg. It will be a 90 minute
feelgood-show filled with christmas songs, hits and
lots of laughs. Click HERE for more information!
LaGaylia remembering Whitney...
During this spring i will be part of this
90 minute show with LaGaylia Frazier remembering
Whitney Houston, singing her favourite songs,
sharing memories and thaughts about Whitneys life
accompanied by One Hell Of A Band.
Very welcome!
Glasklart 2015...
I'm happy to tell you that i will be part of
the big ensemble at Glasklart in Malmö this christmas.
It's going to be a 90 minute sparkling discoshow with the
band, four singers in the front and a dance ensemble.
Please visit glasklart.eu for more information!
Hope to see you there!
Working hard in my new studio..
I'm writing, recording and producing new
songs with Shirley Clamp and with the very talanted
13 year old Julia Lindmark in co-operation with
Voice Professional. I'm also writing with Alexander
Kronbrink for the third Sonic Station record and i'm
making more adaptive game music for Elias Software.
Writing adaptive game music...
My first musical theme for the Elias Music
is now ready and for sale as a part of the
Elias musical themes library which is a comprehensive
and growing collection of ready to use musical scores
that will blend right into your game production.
Visit www.eliassoftware.com for more information.
EBS endorsement...
I'm proud and happy to tell you that i got
endorsement from my all time favourite brand,
regarding bass equipment, EBS Sweden.
The new rig: Fafner II bass head & Neo Line 4x10.
During spring of 2015 i will once again go on tour
with Shirley Clamp here in Sweden.
New PlayAlong bass course...
The new Basic Course in bass guitar is now
filmed and ready and will be launched in late summer
of 2014 at www.playalong.se in cooperation
with EBS and Yamaha. And remember, the new
Sonic Station album 'Next Stop' will be
released worldwide the 23:rd of May 2014.
New record & songbook...
After two years of writing, recording and mixing
it's finally time for Sonic Station to release their second
album. 'Next Stop' will be released world wide by the label
Avenue of Allies the 23:d of May 2014.
The brand new 'Spunk Funk' Songbook is now ready.
Please visit www.spunkfunk.se for more information.
Spunk Funk & Sonic Station...
Two albums that i've participated in are soon to be released.
The first one is Spunk Funk. A jazzy/funky educational album
for kids where i play the bass. The other one is Sonic Station's
second album where i just finished recording bass and backing
vocals for two songs. Also be sure to come to Mosebacke Sthlm
the 18:th of September to see the show with Shirley Clamp.
Nyhetsmorgon & Go'Kväll...
This year starts out with a bunch of gigs with Shirley Clamp.
If you would like to see our performances at Tv4 Nyhetsmorgon
you can listen to the song Långsamma Blomman or her new
single Step By Step on Youtube. We will do one more gig at
Mosebacke the 26:th of February and the same week we go
to Umeå and record one song for the SVT show Go'kväll.
Christmas tour in Sweden...
First of all i'm having a great time working with
Alexander Kronbrink and Sonic Station. We're writing songs
and recording for Sonic Stations 2:nd album. I'm also happy to
tell you that i once again will go on the Magnus Carlsson tour
'Änglarnas Tid' in nov/dec. And then, maby, just a little
bit of vacation. Merry Christmas to you all!
Release, Guitar Night and Tribute...
Johan Boding has just released his new album 'Livet Vänder'
and i will be part of the band at the releaseparty at Nalen in
Stockholm the 15:th of October. The 29:th of October i will
participate in the band of guitarplayer Thomas Granestad at
GuitarNight Sthlm. And finally i'm part of the Peter Gabriel
band who will do a concert at Mosebacke in Stockolm
the 31:st of October. So much fun! Very welcome.
New rock & blues band....
'Kapell Mä Ställ' is a new band that i'm very
proud to be a part of! It's the original members of
Sky High - Uffe Åhman on drums and Clas Yngström on
guitar and lead vocals. We've already done a gig in Falun
and the 18:th of July we will play at OrsaYran
in Orsa, Sweden. Very welcome!
Recording & producing...
The Swedish/Turkish artist Nesrin Sen is now working
on her 3:d solo album and we have recorded three songs
so far with Andreas Ekstedt (drums) and Daniel Möller (piano).
Me and Andreas Kinger have produced the song 'No Mas'
for Tamela Hedström's upcoming album 'Tamela'.
You can listen to it here.
Winter 2011 update...
I'm very happy to say that this December is
fully booked. I'm going on a christmas tour with
Magnus Carlsson, i will do a christmas show at Utsikten-
Meetings in Nynäshamn with 'Petras Pojkar' and finally i will
go to Bad Gastein with the band Wilde Bill for three weeks.
Hope to see you out there! A Merry christmas and
a happy new year to you all!
Release concert in Würzburg...
The Dirt Road album, created by Viktor Åslund, will be
released the 15:th of October, 2011 and we just started
rehersing for the release concert that will be in VCC
(Vogel Convention Center) in Würzburg. There wil be
a mix of musicians from Sweden, Russia and Germany.
Now you can listen to the Remastered version
of the XsavioR album Caleidoscope on Spotify and Itunes!
Working with Hellinor...
The Hellinor band is now rehersing the new songs for the
upcoming album and we'll do a gig at Harry B James the
5:th of March. The song Living Hell is already being played
at P3 Rockster here in Sweden. We will shoot the video
for that song in the end of April.
The Viktor Åslund album Dirt Road is almost ready to be
released and we're planning for a concert in Würzburg.
XsavioR, Hellinor and Waterloo...
The XsavioR album Caleidoscope (-05) is now
remastered and digitally released. You can by it here!
I will do some more gigs with the rock/metal band Hellinor.
We're going to play KGB, Alcazar/Nalen and Harry B James.
In december i will play bass with the Waterloo band doing a
tribute show in Åhaga, Borås with the music of ABBA, Queen,
Beatles and Elvis.
The 'Dirt road' album...
About a week ago i recorded some re written bass parts
for the upcoming Victor Åslund album, Dirt Road, that we
started to work on a few years ago. It's soon to be released
and the final recordings and mixing are made in Germany.
Some more dates with the acoustic show "Go kväll mitt namn är
Shirley Clamp" are added to this autumns schedule.
Shirley Clamp acoustic show...
I'm happy to say that i will go on an acoustic
show tour in Sweden with Shirley Clamp during
April - May. The show is called "Go kväll mitt namn är
Shirley Clamp" and will be a nice acoustic music experience.
The tickets will be released around the 25:th
of Februari. Very welcome!
Autumn 2009 update...
I'm working part time as a bass and music production teacher
at 'Kulturskolan' in Tyreö. Recently i've been doing a lot of gigs
with the great band Easy Kit.. Last weekend we worked with
Johan Becker, Anna Sahlene and Jennifer Brown. I had a great
time! I'm also doing some interesting studio work with Tone
Norum. And the band Special99 will celebrate their 10:th
anniversary in nov/dec this year!
RTS European tour with Sandberg bass.
Ride The Sky went on a European tour with
Epica and Sonata Arctica. 20 shows in 27 days.
I got endorsement from Sandberg-Guitars
through Fitzpatrick Sweden. The Bass: Hardcore-
aged California MM, 5-string with 2 humbuckers.
Thanks to Ulf at Fitzpatrick and the guys at Sandberg!
Ride the sky music video done.
The band went to Umeå to record
the video to the title-track NEW PROTECTION.
Directed by Owe Lingvall / Village Road film.
You can watch the result on YouTube.. Just click HERE..
Also visit www.myspace.com/ridethesky
for info & soundclips.
Ride the sky E-Card!
Check out the Ride the sky E-Card now! Click HERE..
Also visit www.myspace.com/ridethesky for info & soundclips.
Ride the Sky finished recordings for their debut-album
NEW PROTECTION mixed by Benny Jansson to be released the
17th of august 2007. Release date for Japan: 2007-07-21.
Viktor Åslund's new CD.
The Swedish conductor, songwriter and piano/keyboard player,
Viktor Åslund, is now working on his 2:nd solo album. I've
recorded the bass on all tracks of this fusion oriented album
that will be an instrumental piece. The recordings are
finished and the mixing will start in spring 2007.
Other musicians involved are: Johan Hedtjärn (guitar),
Staffan Sandell (drums) and David Wilczewski (sax).
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