Staffan Sandell - ZombieChickenZ
 Released in March 2024
Friid - Det kommer vända
 Released in the summer of 2022
Staffan Sandell - Let's go dancing
 Released in January 2021
Young Music Sweden Feat. Linnea Andersson & Teo Rösarne - De e jul nu
 Released in December 2018
Staffan Sandell - Sightings from an airballoon
 Released in July 2017
 by Stafftone music.
Nesrin Sen - Victoria water lilies
 Released in April 2014
 by Nesrin Productions.
Viktor Åslund - Dirt Road
 Released in October 2011.
Wasai - A taste of paradise
 Released in spring 2006.
XsavioR - Caleidoscope
 Released in May 2005 by
 Atenzia records.
Benny Jansson - Save the world
 Released 2002 by Lion Music.
Sally's Gang
 Released in 2001 by Cave-
Staffan Sandell - Trilobites
 Released in November 2023
Friid - När jag blir stor
 Released in the summer of 2022
Sandra Caroline - Flyg min vilja
 Released in December 2020
Sofi Ek - Fyller mig med kraft
 Released in March 2018
Magnus Lundkvist - Mozart & the sleepy man
 Released in 2014
 by LML music.
Spunk Funk
 Released in November 2013
 by LL Musik.
RideTheSky - New protection
 Released in August 2007 by
 Nuclear Blast.
Nesrin Sen - Plenty coloured bird
 Released in December 2005 by
 Nesrin Productions.
Fame Factory - Vol.7
 Released 2004 by Mariann
Nesrin Sen - Type
 Released 2002 by Nesrin
Radiovänligt - SMK
 Released in 1997 as a part
 of the music studies at
 Stockholms Musik
Sandra Caroline - Ostara (Min starkaste gudinna)
 Released in April 2023
Sonic Station - Something's burning
 Released in June 2021
Kinship - Tell me
 Released in February 2020
Martin Almgren - Peacefull Christmas
 Released in November 2017
Sonic Station - Next Stop
 Released world wide the
 23:rd of May 2014 by
 Avenue Of Allies.
Tamela Hedtröm - Tamela
 Released in the end of 2011.
Booze Brawds and Rockin Hard
 Chris Catena solo album.
 Released in June 2007
Novak - Forever Endeavour
 Released in March 2005
 by MTM Music.
Jessie - Just who I am
 Released 2004 by dB Prod.
Mats Hellberg - Sverige & Jag
 Released in 2002.
 Swedish singer/ songwriter.
Nynäs Rocks 1
 Released in 1991 by
 Nynäs Rocks Produktion.
 Good old fashioned vinyl
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